What is High-Value

Product Service?

Just as its name implies, our team specializes in transporting valuable freight, such as high-end furniture, office equipment, collectibles, and medical equipment. We’re trained to move precious materials safely from and to their destination.

About Common Transportation

How Can it Benefit You?

Handled with Care

Your high-value items must be handled with the utmost care—no exceptions. That’s why our experts have the know-how, technology, and responsiveness to load, transport, and unload your items.


High-Value Product delivery is a convenient, comforting way to move your products without the worry or risk of damaging them.

White glove delivery

Our High-Value Product Promise

Manufacturers and distributors throughout Wisconsin depend on our High-Value Products service because it’s dependable—your items will get from here to there with your 100% satisfaction in mind.

Ready to get started?

Take a Common approach to extraordinary results – contact us today. Our commercial transportation and logistics pros are eager to meet you and serve your business. Please reach out so we can learn more about your needs!

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